The core of my message

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The core of my message to the world is this:

Cannabis + meditation = happiness.


There are some caveats and qualifiers.  As it seems you get out of cannabis what you put into it, you need to be seeking happiness to find it.  If you’re not willing to seek happiness or not willing to breathe deeply and pay attention to your breathing and what it makes you feel, then you most likely won’t find happiness this way.  And once you’ve found that happiness, it may be possible to stop cannabis use altogether and continue experiencing happiness on your own, especially if you can make meditation work for you outside of cannabis.  (I haven’t made it work, but this approach does seem promising.)

It’s important that depressed people try this because one of the factors that may be behind depression is the inability to make yourself feel happy.  When you can’t make yourself feel happy, you can start hating yourself.  And once you start hating yourself, it’s a lot easier to hate the world.  A nasty cycle.  Once you find a way to reliably cause happiness in yourself, it can free you from that mindset.  If only one person is saved from depression due to this, then I feel my message is worth saying.

I’ve found a breathing technique that works really well for inducing the state of happiness while using cannabis and is also relaxing while sober.

  1. Inhale slowly, through the bottom of the belly, then while bending slightly in at the sternum, direct the focus of the inhalation upward to the sternum (pain may spike at the middle of the back if you have posture problems).  Force that tightness up through the upper chest to the point of fullness or burning.
  2. When the fullness starts, hold the breath, tensing the muscles of the chest as you move slowly upward through the top of the throat, then forward along the roof of the mouth to the nostrils.
  3. Exhale while leaning forward.  You may feel a coolness in your upper back area if you felt pain here before.
  4. Straighten back up as you begin inhaling as again.  As you inhale, curve the spine deeply at the back and the neck.  Keep the mouth in a round O shape, breathing strongly through the throat.
  5. Exhale, still in the same position.  Feel the pressure stream out through the crown of your head.
  6. Stay in this position and continue to breathe deeply as long as it feels comfortable.
  7. Curve the neck forward, still in with the mouth open wide while continuing to slowly inhale and exhale.  Keep the brows tensed tightly together.  Bend forward as far as it seems comfortable into a crouch.   Stay in this position as long as it feels good.  Loosen and tighten other facial muscles during this period.  The upper abdomen should be tensed at this moment.
  8. Relax the brows.  Let this sensation keep going.  A prolonged slow exhale/hold breath/inhale cycle combined with excessive brow clenching followed by long periods of relaxing the brows can produce a prolonged euphoric state while high.
  9. Repeat.

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